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    Stephen Jones


    I guess as a job-board owner I am in the minority here, but not all of us are fly-by-night types. My humble website has been online (and profitable) for 5+ years, so I guess we're doing a couple of things right ...


    Steve Jones

    Alex Sakota

    very interesting point in comments, about structure of resume/cv...what is problem to keep resume/cv in XML file? you could search inside every node: by primary school or search by job position from/to particular year

    Jeff Tokarz

    Alan - the final paragraph of your post speaks volumes, "The future for job boards is in having structured data, sophisticated matching engines, delivering a great user experience (for recruiter and candidate), and enabling candates to be informed whether or not they are likely to ‘qualify’ for a job before they hit the submit button.", and was overdue.

    Legacy job boards and job search engines are, at present, their own worst enemy. Conducting an online job search is like trying to find an available parking space in New York City - next to impossible.

    Take notice job boards, job search engines, etc., job seekers are migrating to and using job search tools that deliver promised results. They want access to exceedingly relevant matching job leads - not mediocre, irrelevant job leads.

    Exceptional job search results = more qualified candidate responses.

    Alan Whitford

    HR-XML will help in the ultimate transfer of data between all of the data repositories such as job boards (much easier with the structured data approach described above), ATS systems and the HRIS systems. There will be continued efforts to develop standardised CVS - an effort that I believe is doomed to failure as there is no one 'training' the millions of job seekers on how to write a structured CV. (other than industry specific initiatives such as The Skillsmarket in the UK for IT staff)

    Great comments Alan. What you describe basically tells me that there is no easy solution, and lots of current solutions will be around for a LONG time.

    I'm wondering, after reviewing your profile, how you see progress in HR-XML help improve any particular area?

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