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    Vincent van de Berg

    I think social media is the future. Being a Dutch student looking for a job abroad, I use social media daily to find an international job that suits me. A lot of companies don't understand this. However, new job websites are cropping up left, right and center. There not all that bad (like this one I found recently, ), but they still don't grasp the combination of social media and job searching, which is a shame!

    CV Parser

    Nowadays, there are a range of options to assist your organisation in maximising the reach of social and business networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter in the UK.

    International Career Blogger

    Hi Alan,

    How do you address companies who are pretty much hesitant to embrace social networking sites due to privacy issues or issues like disclosing too much information regarding vacancies and positions they are handling?


    Excellent subject matter, i try to explain to my clients the potential of social networks but also the fact that they have to be utilised correctly or its a waste of time, keep up the good blogging!


    Looking forward to the new site.

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    I agree companies should be using social networks to promote their business. Thank you for your ideas. Take Care


    I think more and more recruiters will add social networking to their range of sourcing options.

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