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    At this time many recruitment is continues in mobile application development program. So, If you know about of mobile technology you can apply it in mobile recruitment.

    Alan Whitford

    Thanks Dave

    Looking forward to the streams and the post event follows, which we will naturally feature on


    Thanks for the support Alan!

    In the context of Mobile Recruiting I am referring to the rapid adoption of Mobile phone based Internet.

    Gartner and Google both agree that within 4 years there will be more web traffic originating from a Mobile Phone / iPad type device than desktops! This is NOT all 3g data traffic many smart phone users consume Internet services through their handset via a WiFi connection.

    Knowing that 90% of applications are now made online what affect on the recruiting industry will Mobile have?

    The event on the 5th May 10am to 12 noon is a discussion between marketeers of leading job boards and recruiters. The entire event is being tweeted live, the topics discussed will be driven by peoples tweets and questions.

    The aim is to detail where Mobile Recruiting may go in the next 6-12 months and share the obstacles in the way of progress.

    In addition will be sharing candidate research on the topic.

    If you miss the discussion on Twitter there will be blogs and videos following the event.

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