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    David Monreal

    Good to hear everything is well. Great news.


    Alan Whitford

    Thank you to everyone who has replied both here and via Twitter. I appreciate your taking the time to read a story that can be, at times, uncomfortable. More importantly, checking out Steve Newson's latest post really brings my small journey into real perspective.

    Sara Headworth

    That's great news Alan ! Hopefully you can relax now,(because its very stressful worrying) and recuperate fully,we look forward to seeing you soon
    From Andy and Sara Headworth X

    Etienne Besson

    Alan, you had me quite worried for the first couple of lines. But I'm glad that everything turned out fine and I enjoyed reading this post with a happy ending!

    Alex Hens

    great to hear Alan. Now get exercising that shoulder with some serious glass raising & stretching it out with plenty of hugs to those nearest and dearest who've supported you through this ;)

    Tracey Dunn

    Glad you are ok and yes - just do it!


    I'm really glad it's worked out well Alan. I'd hate to be in that position, and can definitely relate to the self-employed/ time-off dilemma.

    As I'm sure everyone will agree, it's the not-knowing that would be the thing that torments most. My inclination is always to shorten the time worrying as much as possible, by stopping everything until I had an answer, one way or another.
    I hope you'll be fine for tennis sometime soon.

    James Mayes

    As one of my business partners says regularly - JFDI. Just F do it. The paralysis of not knowing can often be worse than the event itself. Glad to hear all is well and no other complications arose. A celebratory beer must be in order! J.

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